Why would anyone at LW wait for a title shot?

Seriously that division is going to be the death of loads of contenders that have been promised a title shot... once Frankie somehow beats Bendo in the rematch (as he has been known to do) he is going to have to face Pettis twice before he even gets to Nate... Poor Nate is going to have to wait til 2013 before he gets his two fights with Frankie... which means at the earliest someone else can get a title fight would be 2014... Doesn't seem worth it to me.

What does the UG say?

Or Nate gets the winner of Bendo/Edgar at the end of the year like Dana just said.

Reality is a bitch huh? Phone Post

So Pettis isn't getting the title fight he was promised? Seems like a lot of empty promises. Phone Post

Bendo will beat Edgar easy like he did in the first fight. i like Edgar but he should of moved to 145 and have a war with Aldo and save all that time.