why's Chuck upset of the Rampage KO of Wand?

Did you see the disappointment on Chuck's face when Rampage Jackson KO'd Wand?

maybe cause he has a win over Wandy

That way if Wandy beats Rampage its kind of a triangle type situation

however now rampage has owned them both in the ufc

anyone think Chuck gets one more title shot before he retires?

 He probably didn't know the camera was on him.

Rampage is Chuck's toughest fight.  He just has trouble with Rampage's ability to come at him hard and bang.

gangsta101 - Because he would actually have to get in shape to fight anyone now

 Chuck's always trained hard and always comes to fight long grueling fights.  I'm not sure what the source of this post is.

Sounds like he was insinuating that Chuck doesn't take everyone as seriously as he does Quinton and Wanderlai.

Because he can't get a shot at Rampage, but if Wand had won they could have used reverse psychology to give Chuck a shot at Wand. "Wanderlei wants to avenge his loss to Chuck before going after the title."

cuz Chuck knows that if he fought Rampage 20 times that he would be lucky to win once...hackleman knows this as does everyone else...V Silva is on his way out in terms of title contender and imo CHuck is as well...Rampage can beat rashad...

He would've skipped over at least one guy who was ahead of him in terms of getting another shot at the title if Silva had won. Even if Silva had won, I don't think it would've put him in line for a title shot and it obviously would've knocked Rampage out of contention. I'm sure that Rashad winning soured some of his plans, too.

I think there's some truth to the positioning for the title shot, but I think Chuck might actually like and respect Wand as well.

Chuck knows he will never be champion again (no matter how hard Dama White tries to weasel him into contention)