Wild Bills Atlanta Nov. 2

Hey WALLOP Fight Gear is going to WILD BILL's in Atlanta Georgia Nov. 2

We totally want to meet all you guys/gals that are going. Stop by our table and say hi!

Can anybody tell me about this venue, we haven't been there before, but it looks like it's going to be a rockin time!

So who's fighting/going! You!?


All the best everyone. "Hit'em Hard"

great venue for fights

Good luck to you and your company, but I just don't feel that the name WALLOP is a good one.

"I just don't feel that the name WALLOP is a good one"

I bet you won't forget it though. lol

Maybe you could write a play. "To WALLOP or not to WALLOP, that is the question..."

Just f*ckin around playwrite. Be cool. Thanks for the good wishes.

The venue is great

Very fighter and fan friendly

Has to be one of the best in the South East

Great venue. A lot of hot chicks. Oblas & the Wild Bills folks put on a good show. Oh yea, and a lot of hot chicks.

I'm fighting. sent my contract out yesterday.

Best place in GA to see MMA hands down. The production also is top notch.....

top 4 Wallop even though he wont send Me a shirt .

It is probably the venue I have been to next to HiFi Buy's. Plus if the fights get boring, there are a lot of hot chicks.

TTT for WOP Fight Gear!

waitin on oblas



I think Nik Lentz from Minnesota is fighting on this card... maybe not, but I remember him saying something about fighting in Atlanta soon.

As the matchamker I can't post the lineups till the GAEC approves of them all. Only one approved so far is Ran Weathers vs Harris Norwood which should be an interesting fight.

The fighters can post their fights if they'd like; I just can't post them yet.

Also, I have not spoken to Nik Lentz about fighting.



Big Sam Holloway should be on the card in an exciting heavyweight matchup.


No word on Ron "The Blunt Instrument" Faircloth?