will adcc come back to L.A. now?

The best spot in Earth for ADCC is Hawai'i. Central to the fighting planet. Comfortable for all the nationalities competing. Huge fan base there. Magnet for fans.

Proven arena at the Blaisdell.

promoters of adcc had to be as dumb as bricks! Trenton! what a dumb move. Vegas, La or hawaii and you have a packed house...

Khazakstan in 2009! Very nice.

Hawaii would be awesome -- I wouldn't complain. Pretty central location for international competitors, too.

yes. bring ADCC to Hawaii.

It surprised me that more people didn't show up to watch. Just two weeks earlier the NAGA Worlds grappling tournament was held in Jersey and had more than 2,300 competitors and who knows how many there to watch. Where were all those grappling fans?

im not.

i wouldnt go to watch 2 "grappling" tournys so close together.

Uh, how bout ADCC in Abu Dhabi for a change...

"Uh, how bout ADCC in Abu Dhabi for a change..."

Uh, with the way things are going in the middle east -- you think a lot of competitors want to really go there?

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Sweden would be awesome. I'll be studying there next academic year, and I'm sure I'll make friends there. ADCC would give me an excuse to go back and visit. :) I wouldn't complain about LA, either.