Will Barnett ever fight in UFC??

Again? Seems like the HW division could be wide open. He made a mistake but he is a very good HW and I think the division benefits having him their. Any chances you guys think he will ever fight for them again? Is it a UFC decision or a a decision of Josh's that he isnt fighting?


I doubt it, he and Hume seem to not be too fond of the UFC today. I live in Seattle and plan to train at AMC within the next couple months where Barnett is from, if I see him I will ask him. On the AMC website I think they refer to Barnett as "the real UFC HW champ"

Awesome thanks look...So I take it UFC is the one keeping him from coming back? IF he statwes he is the real UFC champ and they allowed him to come abck Id assume that he would go and claim what he thinks is his.

Barnett handled Steroid Situation much worse then Silva.

agreed...Punsihment should fit the crime. It seems its less severe because the fight wasnt close, but Couture vs Barnett was a close one. Shouldnt matter but that is what it looks like

He hasnt mentioned anything about the UFC in the times Ive seen him - he's actually pretty quiet about it.