Will Big Wes whip Mark Kerr????

He was working crazy on subs back in the day. IMO it's what caused him to lose some of his big fights. he should have stuck to pure G and P and only go for the sub when it was thrown at him.
Still, he should destroy Simms IMO.

I heard a rumour that Wes has freakish strength?

["I hope kerr has been able to reinvent himself. he is a great grappler who could be a sub machine if he applied himself."]

He just said on Sherdog that he has been working on his standup and wants to model himself after someone like Liddell. I guess with his lighter frame he's not sure he can outmuscle someone on the ground but feels confident enough in his skills to stuff takedowns and keep it standing.

I think Wes will pull this out...he did not look bad at all aginst D. Gracie...but I think will depend alot on what Kerr is going to have, sinc ehe has been away for so long...

So, if Wes does not get DQ'ed, he should win...


It will truely be a sad, sad if we watch The Project take out Mark Kerr.

kerr doped up, and drunk. would still tool most of the heavy weight fighters.

wes by ko. sadly, no, i'm not kidding. kerr should stop fighting and start pursuing alternative fighting ventures- coaching, commentating. anything but fighting. today's new heavyweights will beat him badly, whatever his credentials might be.

Mark Kerr would catastrophically demolish Sims.

I want Kerr to win but I wouldn't never bet on him. Kerr gases to easy and doesn't ever seem mentally prepared to fight. He's kind of like wrestlings version of Vitor Belfort.

On the other hand, he is fighting Wes Sims who is tough but has limited skills.

I will bet my screen name...... Any takers? I am betting on my boy though....

ill take kerr.


I'm in

what's the bet?

matt, how long does the screen name change for?

jesus, wes gasses in the 1st round of every fight, i say kerr could beat him on his worst off day


"this fight is going be closer than most ppl think"

Yeah, but which people, those that say Kerr is washed up or those that say Sims is a joke?