Will BJ ever be a UFC Champ again?

even though I think he is really talented I dont see it happening.

BJ Penn is the man. He will beat Hughes in a rematch.


I honestly think he has a better shot at LW, although a fight between he and either Matt or GSP can always go either way.

I just think there are so many more matchups for him at LW...... and better and more interesting ones, at that.

I think he would take Sherk...... a fight with him and Florian could be a nice affair..... I'd love to see him and Hermes lock up, as well as a fight with Stevenson and even Yves......not to mention Hminick.

I think he could put on one hell of a run in that division......

Lol...... that's one way of putting it.

I still think a few of them would be good fights, though.....

If BJ goes to 155, he'll be champ for years. He is capable of beating the best guys at 170, but seems to always fall short.

He has to beat at least two other contenders before getting another shot, like Diego, Koscheck, Karo, or even Diaz, and I don't think that will happen. In fact I would be 90% sure he wouldn't beat Diaz.

No because he's a BJJ black belt with limited conditioning thinking that BJJ is still UNSTOPPABLE..

I hate Hughes, but ONE STYLE that has NEVER been defeated yet in MMA or Fighting???


BJ penn could beat hughes. that makes him one of the best fighters in the world at a lighter weight.

I bet BJ Penn would give Filho a Great Fight

he couldnt beat him in the last 2 years, he ran away from a defence of the title to matt and then when they did fight, he lost. so yeah, if matt was a gassing loser, he could beat hughes.

Jesus Christ...... where the fuck are all of these retards coming from??

I really hope BJ is considering dropping to LW. I'm a huge fan of his and would like to see him take the LW belt and keep it for a long time.


Maybe lightweight,but if Sherk turned into the Hughes of the lightwieghts
it would be interesting

Considering BJ was lightweight champ and dominated the 155 lbs class in the UFC, he would be able to return to the 155 lbs class, no problem unless he gets bored or has rib problems...

He was never lightweight champ.

I think that the question should be, Does Penn even want to be the champ again?

In his last two fights, he looked lackluster and out of shape (maybe it was an injury), but he did not show me the never say die, go for it 100% attitude necessary to be a great champ.

Lot of potential and no will = journeyman.

Not likely. Out of four title shots he's had he is 1-3.

I'm a Hughes and GSP fan, but I fully recognize that BJ is capable of beating both, he didn't this time, but he certainly could. The problem is, keeping the WW title, those 3 fighters in my opinion are extremely different by equal in skill....I personally think when any combination of those 3 fight, its a coin toss on who wins. It actually speaks volumes for Hughes considering he has somehow managed to defend thus far....

I'm not ready to put Diego up on this level yet, but they're getting close... I want to see Diego fight one of the big 3 and at least compete to the very end before I put him on their level. Josh is coming strong too, and you can't forget about Karo... if he had better conditioning, he just might have beaten Diego. (What a freakn TOUGH weight class the UFC welterweight is !!!)

But if BJ wants to get another title and keep it for a while, I think the Lighweight division is his to win at anytime.... I like Sherk and Florian (and a few others), but I don't think its coin toss with them and Penn... I think Penn would typically win.

But, I'm selfish, I don't want BJ to fight at Lightweight, I want to see him fight Diego, Karo, Josh, GSP and of course I definitely want a rubber match with Hughes.... hope it happens !

Penn fights by instinct and raw talent, Hughes by training and hard work.

I think the more they fight the more it favors Hughes.

I heard Penn was headed for 155 until they needed a replacement for GSP to fight Hughes anyway. And yes, he can be the champ at that weight, if he does his homework I would favour him even over Sherk.

Best bet is at 155