Will Jones be punished by UFC?

Jon Jones is getting the blame and cost the UFC a bunch of money. Do you think the UFC will put the blame on Jones and punish him or just take it on the chin and turn the other cheek?

Jon Jones can do what he wants whenever he wants. How are they goin to discipline him for not takin a fight when the fight makes no sense. Phone Post

What can they do? He diddnt break contract, he just pussed .

I'm sure they won't be able to fine him, maybe they can give him hard matchups? Oh wait he's cleaning out the roster

It fucking sucks ass but I don't really see hoe they can punish him? Phone Post

Nike will suffer I would imagine...this is a lot of bad publicity... Phone Post

No bonuses maybe? Not saying I want him to be punished btw.

His next contract negotiation will likely be a bit tougher. Phone Post

Dana white blew a fuse today. They would never actually kill their golden goose Phone Post

Make him fight Overeen or Lesnar for their comeback fight Phone Post

Is he really the golden goose we all know how personal Dana takes shit I do feel sorry for the folks who bought tickets and prelim guys who need the check. Phone Post

yes, jones will be punished for 100% sure