Will my ear stop??

As I posted a few weeks ago I just got my first real case of califlower ear. Since then it has been drained 4 times. Every time I roll it just blows up again. Im sure this is no new news to most of you. But i thought it might take a lot more rolling to flare it up again. As of right now its huge gonna have my coach drain it tommorow. Any advice on how to get the swelling down and possibly try to prevent more swelling. Im not too fond of the obvious two ways which would be stop training for a lil while or wear headgear. Tried on headgear today for the first time ever and was not liking it. I was already being choked out from the strap.Ice or pressure or both. thanks for any advice.

here is an idea, let them be, they do that to callous up so it dosnt happen again..the more you drain it the more it will happen..accept it, you are in a sport that gives you ugly ears..wear em proud, you earn those...

Sakuraba it man.....tape those fu&*^$%@#$ckers up.

im starting to get cauli...its been sore when pressed on in one small area of my ear for months now...but such little swelling i can only notice it if i closely examine it in the mirror...its confusing because by now it should have blown up and hardened. The pain has been getting worse every week, but not enough to really complain about...very confusing indeed.

Headgear or lay off the training for a while, it's the reason why I'm starting to get it too. I won't stop training and I won't wear headgear.

I'm wondering if the danger is a little bit less for those of us that do no-gi bjj, because I've never felt anything in my ears, but I did get a little bit annoyed there when I did judo some years ago.

My ear blew up, i got it drained, and without even training it blew up again.. i figured that was all i could do, and was ready to accept my one gigantic ugly ear, but then it shrunk down by itself. now people dont even notice it unles i point it out.

The knobbies are your friends. Guys want'em and Girls love'em.

I agree with TheStewedOwl, I had a similar sitiuation with my ear about 6 weeks ago. I had it drained with an incision and he placed the 2 braces on each side for 7 days. After that everything was fine, he recommened I wear some ear protection for 6 weeks and they I should be ok. Most people opt to have the ear drained with a needle, but I am a little weary of that due to infection. needles piercing the cartlidge can set up infection, and if that happes you will get 'floppy ear' which is not able to be fixed. I just sucked it up and wore the earguards and took the crap from my buddies.

I don't get it... I've never had a bit of the Cauli.

I got from rolling with a guy who was a little fidgity, he was freaking out wiggling around and I caught a knee in the ear.

IF you go to a ear/throat/nose specialist hope you have insurace. I got my ear drained two times in two visits in one week. They billed my insurance like $500+.

Yeah the doctor wasnt really an option. I went to an ent and he charged me 150 bucks for talking to him for 10 minutes. Today was the fourth time my instructor dreained it. He told me the other times to stop training for a lil bit but I just didnt listen. But he did it today and told me to stop rolling for like two weeks and then to start wearing some headgear.

I really dont like that idea. I tried on headgear for the the first time ever yesterday and was like f this. They were so uncomfortable but I think I might just do it for a little while.

This also isnt no little bubble this is full fledged whole ear swollen.
My moms like buggin out she wants me to stop training. HA like thatll happen.

I guess im just gonna have to come to terms with my disfigurement and acknowledge them as my trophies

Oh yeah the doctor wanted 600 dollars to drain it. Im like your outta your fuckin mind. My coach did it in 5 minutes hes got disposable needles at the school. He knows what hes doin im sure hes been doin this for liek 40 years. So ill put my trust in him and take his advice for now but appreciate your guys input. And ill just hope they go down a little on their own if not screw it.