Will Nate be in shape?

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@arielhelwani is it a 5 rounder?
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I'm pretty sure Nate will be in shape, especially since he only has to cut to 170. Both brothers are cardio freaks. No excuses for either guy if they lose. It's not like it's gonna be a grappling type fight, not sure if much body work will even be done.

ClydeErwinBarret -
The Little Axe Murderer - He's in decent shape but not fighting shape. Thats why he wanted it at 170. So he could actually train hard for those 10 and not have to starve himself. If the fight is 3 rounds, he'll be just fine. 5 rounds maybe a bit hard Phone Post 3.0

He wanted it at 165lbs. McGregor gave him 170lbs.
Whether or not you like the leprechaun, you have to admit he's a game fucker. Phone Post 3.0

Will Nate pass the post fight drug test tho? Phone Post 3.0

This has the expectation to be nothing short of amazing. I just wish Nate had a few more weeks to prep Phone Post 3.0

They do triathlons for fun, he will be just fine

Aren't slow twitch guys always in shape? Aren't the Diaz bros always in shape?

Even if he is in shape he's had no specific opponent training camp. Phone Post 3.0