Will Randy be the next Sakuraba?

Seeing Randy come back to fight Tim Sylvia got me thinking...

If Randy loses to Big Tim in a "brutal" (i.e. - KO, TKO, bad G&P - something along those lines...I don't mean submission, decision, etc.), what sort of effect will have on him?

Here is what I'm getting at. Randy reminds me of Sakuraba's heyday. Sak was P4P the best in the world. He beat 4 Gracies...he looked unstoppable. Then Wandy knocked him sensless a few times. Sak, IMHO, was never the same after that. He still had all the heart, but he just didn't seem to be the same fighter.

Randy lost two hard KOs to Chuck. If Big Tim beats him in the same sort of fashion, will Randy be the same fighter he once was?


New editorial on this topic up today at InsideFighting.



at nearly 44, he'd never be the same fighter he once was anyway. He'll pick up one or two fat paycheques and then ride off into the sun, and all power to him for doing so.

? all the best to randy

Damn, I hope not!!

I think Randy can still be competitive at LHW.

He still has a couple years left. The guy peaked in his late 30's.

Awesome article. Great read!

I dont have the heart to watch Randy get mauled a la sakuraba vs arona. so I really hope he does well in the comeback

Rampage already beat him to it.