Will RIch lose his house now?

It's well known that Rich's contract doesn't bring him jack shit as far as money. Most of his money comes from endorsements and PPV %.

Now that he's no longer a main-event calibre fighter, and there's no way sponsors are gonna pay him top-dollar anymore, how will he keep his house?

I forget what Dana said he paid for it, but it was kinda expensive if I recall.

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Isn't Rich's wife rich, and that's why he was able to start trainign really hard?


He'll get a percentage of the money from the ppv buys.

From what I've heard, his spread was around 300k. Not chump change, but doable.

This area is really cheap to build in compared to other metro markets also.

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He's no longer a main-event fighter? Wow. That is simply ridiculous. Did Tito lose his house after losing to Randy? Did Chuck lose his house after losing to Rampage? What about Hughes and his farm after losing to Penn? Or Penn after losing to GSP? Or GSP after losing to Hughes? Or Sylvia after losing to Arlovski? Or Arlovski after losing to Sylvia? All I can say is wow.

300K in South Florida gets you a town house.

300K in North Carolina gets you a 3500 sq.ft. house on 1/2 acre.

Rich will make more money on the rematch then he did on this one.

300k in this part of Ohio will get you a nice spread.

"Rich will make more money on the rematch then he did on this one"

jus how much, though, depends on whether he looks good in his build-up fights, and how impressive Silva looks in his pending defences. Afterall, who wants to see the same one-sided beatdown (which Rich has to show was a one-off)

Everything Rich did b4 last night= irrelevant; at least to "casual" fans who will now only remember his nose

the problem now is the ufc cant just drop big name guys like franklin anymore with all these new orgs waiting to snatch them up.also i didn't think franklin was established enough to carry his own ppv before getting ko'ed.this is america where hey we dont mind our favorite guys getting ko'ed but its the way you do it.Franklin should have gotten up and just starting swinging for the fences instead of just lying down go out in a blaze your the champ for crying out loud.

Are you saying Franklin quit?

^^ lol^^


i wonder what Franklin earned for his fight vs. silva.

i would guess at LEAST $300,000.00. I am sure he has at least a few 6 figure fights left in him.

i don't know many teachers with summer jobs pulling this kind of $$.

He has a wife. Stop with your gay fantasy dream porno match ups.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^