will steriods heal muscle tears?

If a guys back muscles are torn causing bad muscle spasms are their injectibles that will help grow the tissue back together? thank you

Yes steroids will help. Steroids improve Protein synthesis. Protein is the only thing that makes muscle. To fix a tear, the muscle has to be made to reattach or fill the tear. Steroids will icrease how much protein your body uses. You want to drink or eat 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight. That should be your intake. Unlike popular opinion steroids are very safe taken in moderation.

Yes but after the tear heals there will be scar tissue(adhesions). You must break up the scar tissue or else the muscle won't perform/stretch like it would have before the tear. I'm currently having this done for a pec tear. Although it's incredibly painful the benefits are defintely worth it.

take a sleep enhancing supplement becuase that is when your body does its soft tissue repair, i recomend pos1 from advocare

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