Will the IFL have more than 4 team

All I see are four teams. I can see that getting boring after a while. If they want to be like a basketball league, I think they should have a team for every state. Any plans for more teams?

How about 1 step at a time?

i believe the plan is to expand to 12 after the first "season"

That's fine, but I think I'd wait a bit longer, prepare more, and start it with a little more of a bang. Not having people say..."oh it'll get better with time."

Season one will have 8 to 12 teams.  They will announce more teams after the first two shows.

Yes---I heard that Hackney will have the "chicago" team

Fathead D is correct

I thought I read on here that another 4 teams will be announced at the first event. Can't wait to hear who is involved!

really? who in Chicago is involved?  

Gilbert Grappling has alot of good guys at different weights...Team Hellhouse would be a good addition to the IFL

a Chicago Team would be rad. lots to pick from.