Will the red king ever be the gold king?

Dude is a bad ass, he said " that was the greatest night of my life" when he fought lawler.
He is one of the fighters I hope gets a ufc belt in the future.
So UG do you think he gets it eventually? Phone Post 3.0

Yep. Midas imo Phone Post 3.0

As a friend pointed out, Rory is the youngest guy (26 years old) in the top 10. He has a good chance at getting the belt some day.

The average age in the top 10 is probably around 32-33.

The only other guys in the top 10 that are under 30 are:

Neil Magny (28)
Tarec Saffediene (29)

Pretty confident he will be champ in the not too distant future. If he beats Wonderboy he will get a title shot.