Will The Reem Docu, continue?

It was a pretty epic documentary and I have watched all the episodes and was wondering if they will continue it considering the new tourney. It did a pretty good job of covering his last year and if he somehow pulls it off and wins the Strike Force tourney it could be surpass The Smashing Machine

yep, read somewhere that it will continue through the tourney

Where would one go to see these docs? Phone Post

From MMAWeekly.com: "Alistair Overeem Will Only Fight in Strikeforce Until Grand Prix is Finished" 

“He will be committed to this tournament,” Coker said on Thursday. “In fact, last year he filmed that documentary “The Reem”, basically it was the life and times of Alistair Overeem leading to his K-1 Grand Prix final victory, and they’re going to start shooting the road to the Strikeforce Grand Prix Heavyweight title. They’re committed to this fight.”

Sweet the documentary was very well done from the camerawork to the angles to the story it told. It was very in depth and you got to see the Reem in a very different light. No clude if he wins the tourney but excited to see the next episode.

The Reem documentary is amazing. If you haven't taking the time to view this excellent collaboration of film, determination and martial arts then I will say this...You're missing out.

"The Reem" is best when they have actual fight footage to show in between all the backstage stuff.  If I recall the Strikeforce events didn't have footage of his fights.  That's probably because of Showtime.  The K-1 Grand Prix episode was tits with all the K-1 footage.