Will UFC 200 be the biggest MMA event in history?

Even bigger than UFC 100?

I mean think about it, in a couple of weeks we're at UFC 151, only 49 events until UFC 200, which means it's coming either in 2013 or early-to-mid 2014. Which means it's pretty SOON.

Which means we would likely see all the most anticipated fights in that card. And nothing's more anticipated than the Anderson Silva vs George St.Pierre one.

Now, the talk of Anderson vs GSP superfight has been louder than ever. Anderson can wait all he wants, he doesn't have to fight the nameless and unrecognizable guys, he earned that as the best & greatest fighter ever born. The problem lies with the 170-lbs division, GSP's division.

GSP still got Carlos Condit, then Nick Diaz and Johnny Hendricks. Condit's the guy that "stole a W" from Nick, so it's only reasonable to give Nick an immediate title shot upon returning from suspension. Now let's assume GSP beat both guys, he still got Hendricks who DEMOLISHED Jon Fitch in seconds, the one guy GSP couldn't finish in 25 minutes.

Those two latter GSP fights can happen in 2013, after which he can take the time off and training for UFC 200 vs Anderson.

Assuming those Anderson vs GSP stars align for UFC 200, I think we'll see that main card goes something like this:

Main Event : Anderson Silva vs George St.Pierre
Co-Main : Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson

Junior dos Santos vs Alistair Overeem
Jose Aldo vs Frankie Edgar
Brock Lesnar vs Fedor Emelianenko

So, we've got Bones vs Gus as co-main. I mean really, Gus needs all the experience and preparation before he can get into Bones. He can beat Shogun, then maybe rematch Phil Davis in 2013 since Davis and Bones has similar body frames and then maybe fight another legend, say, Dan Henderson. By then Gus would be a world-beater, seemingly unstoppable young lion and when there's two lion kings on the jungle, one must rise and the other must fall as there can only be one. Which would then give us Bones vs Gus for UFC 200 for the 205-lbs. world championship.

JDS vs Reem is inevitable. When JDS beats Cain Velasquez, he'll then fight Reem next. Then both guys will exchange the championship all year long in 2013, a la Tim Sylvia-Andre Arlovski. Which would give us the epic conclusion of this rivalry in UFC 200.

Now the Aldo vs Edgar one. This one's a little bit tricky since Edgar currently appears disinterested in moving down to 145-lbs. Well there's the answer to that; Aldo will move up to 155-lbs. once he cleans out his division to fight Edgar for a #1 contender's fight, maybe even for the Lightweight world title if Edgar gets another shot at it and wins.

The last fight on the main card is probably a long shot, but when you look deeper on it there's actually a legitimate argument it's inevitable. Sometime in 2013 Brock's WWE contract expires, which would then make him return to the Octagon. Brock will only be 36 by then, he's still in a phenomenal shape as seen in his WWE outings these days. Fact is, he still got it and let's not forget, he defended the UFC Heavyweight world title twice and only loss to top guys such as Cain and Reem.

FEDOR in UFC... can you imagine the magnitude of that especially in the most historic event of all in UFC 200? I believe it. I always believe in the saying "never say never", and this is the case for Fedor. He's "retired" now so no more co-promotion stuff that UFC weren't happy about. And most especially, time heals all wounds. Fedor will be the UFC, it's so big, and one thing can only be bigger than that; Brock vs Fedor at UFC 200.

That's what I think but what do you guys think?

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UFC 200 won't be anywhere near as good as UFC 1000.