Wilson Gouveia

Whats the future for him? Hes been very impressive in his last 3 fights. Maybe him and Liddell next since wanderlei said he was taking rest of the year off.

Ron Faircloth, whom he is 1-1 against?

*edited to say Ron is on a 4 fight win streak

he was also beating jardine badly until he got tired. i think he has a bright future.

i'm glad you made this thread. wilson is a really nice guy with good skills. i trained with him last year in march while i was in america, he is a really cool guy and he loves theatre.

he has good strikes and good ground. me and roy handled him pretty well but i am alot heavier than him..so thats expected.

i think he could be a top contender at 205.... but its up to how far he wants to go because when i trained with him he was doing 2 jobs and wasnt 100& focused on mma.. but i dont know if he does mma full time now but if he does he will go far. last time i spoke to him was about 10 mionths ago and i said if he wanted to come and train in australia and he said he would love to when he gets his money together. he trains with american top team now.. but he use to train with kerry dunne.

"me and roy handled him pretty well " Interesting.

He threw some nasty leg kicks

Niceeeee, Wilson

Wilson is a badass for sure and one of my favorite up and coming fighters. He was taking it to Jardine before gassing, that fight was his.

Now that he has strung together some wins I would like to see him step up in competition and face some of the A level guys the UFC has. Machida, Bisping and Houston Alexander come to mind.

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It will be interesting to see where he goes from here. He's younger than people seem to think.

Put him against Houston Alexander. Whoever wins would now be in the mix with the other top dogs.

no love for faircloth?

Wilson's fights with Faircloth where long time ago and he has improved tons since then. Wilson is one of my favorite up and coming fighters, keep your eyes on him for sure!!!

By the way, Marrero is a very solid fighter, Wilson knew Marrero's weakness and focused on getting better at that. 3t for both fighters!!!

Always been impressed by Gouveia...

I would love to see him against Alexander, or even Bisping...both of whom he would beat.

Jim York- I think you might have Wilson mistaken for somebody else. Wilson started training with us from the beginning, before we started ATT. I spoke with Wilson and he doesn't know you, and he never heard of or trained with a Kerry Dunne. Anyway, best of luck to you.

American Top Team

Gouveia VS Machida for sure!


Gouveia reminds me of Brandon Vera.....


Wilson is a bad bad man.

He kicks my ass.

I think he should fight Liddell in his next fight. He stated in his post UFC 71 interview that he wanted to fight Liddell eventually and with Chuck losing to Rampage the timing seems right.