Wilson Reis out of War at the Shore?

anyone know if wilson reis is still fighting at the extreme challenge "war at the shore" show in atlantic city on friday? according to the match-ups listed on the main page, reis' name has been replaced with someone else's.

 A poster that I just got from Extreme challenge shows him on there.

sidemar honorio is mike powell's new opponent as per the card up on mma.tv's main page.

 They aslo say the fight is at the Boardwalk when it's really at the Trop. Not sure if that's reliable.

As of yesterday he was still in. Unless he was pulled last night then he's still in.

I was under the impression that Reiss was still in. This is a big fight for Mike so I'm hoping he pulls out a solid win for this one.

 Bellator pulled him out?


hit me up fool

miss you man :(

Reis is still in.

 malachy u still have the same cell?



Any idea why he was removed on the site?

yea brother

Any update on this?

TOP for answers

unless wilson reis is using an alias, he's not on the card sent around by the NJSACB.

It would seem to me that he is not on the card.

 this is fuckin BS, i already was thinking about not going after Eddie pulled out, but i said nah it's cool because another Philly guy is fighting in Reis and now this?

we need answers please.

what is the card....cause they were not cheap tickets.

And to pay that much for a low lever card...hmmmm

 FUCK. he isn't fighting. here goes the weak ass card that i payed $200 a ticket for.

Tara Larosa vs. Alexis Davis

Charlie Brenneman vs. Edward O’Daniel

Rodrigo Pinheiro vs. Steven Williams

Kamal Shalorus vs. Jonathan Evans

Justin Robbins vs. Zach Makovsky

Josh Barnes vs. Sherman Pendergarst

Mike Powell vs. Sidemar Honorio

Dan Stittgen vs. Greg Killian

Nat McIntyre vs. Tuan Pham

Jon Meyer vs. Craig Kaufman