Wiman vs. Fisher = WAR

First off, Spencer Fisher is a bad man. Very well rounded and flat out scary in the cage.

Enter Matt Wiman. Matt only knows one speed in the cage/ring. And that's full on sprint mode.

No matter what happens or who wins, I can guarantee an exciting fight.

I expect this to be the fight of the night. Hopefully they will have time after the 5 main events to play this on the pay per view.

Good luck to both guys and thanks to Joe Silva for taking a chance on Matt.

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I've never seen Wiman fight, but Fisher is a stud in the ring. Stout/Fisher should be fight of the year so far IMO.

Good luck to both fighters.

If you've never seen Matt fight, you should pick up the DVD from FFC XV. Matt's fight against Roger Huerta is easily one of the greatest fights I've ever seen.

For reals!

" Matt's fight against Roger Huerta is easily one of the greatest fights I've ever seen. "

I'll try and find that DVD for sure.
This sucks because we both know they wont show it on PPV. They better put it on video.google.com if it's not on PPV.

Anyhow, brass balls for taking on this calibur of opponent on 2 weeks notice.

Matt is truly one of few fighters that will literally FIGHT ANYONE. He wants to fight the best and that's exactly what he's doing.

We all have a tremendous amount of respect for Spencer Fisher but at the same time, we are all very confident in Matt's skills and heart.

Should be a tremendous battle.

"What's Wiman's stand-up like?"

You'll see on the 27th.

Matt spends equal amounts of time training standup and ground.


Damn, best I could come up with.

ttt for more Wiman footage.

"You'll see on the 27th"

Let's hope so. We were jipped out of seening Fisher x Stout. I payed the 1.99 to watch it on google and well worth it. WTF is the UFC thinking not showing fights like this?

OMA is straight up one of the best cornermen in the business. He knows MMA just as well as anyone and he's an amazing motivator. He's also a cool motherfucker and a true ladies man.

Wiman's got to have brass balls is all I've got to say.

Respect for stepping up on short notice against a madman.

Spencer by KO IMO! :)

Spencer by whatever! He is gonna come out like Mike Tyson and beat Matt like he stole somethin from his mother. If you believe in Matt good for you, afterall he's in the UFC, and were not. But Spence will overwhelm him like Rich did to Quarry.

Good Luck Matt!!!!

Good Luck Matt!!!!


Can't wait Fabes. Will this be televised?

I just-watched the Courage Fighting Championships #2, where Spencer literally hit and KOed Kyle Watson with a one two, ltereally so fast, you have to press the slow button on the remote control to be able to watch it at normal speed, and it's still hard to catch. I was around professional boxing (business side) for 6 years, and saw a lot, and was around some of the best boxers in the World. I was around Corey Spinks a lot. Spencer Fisher is at Pro Level for sure, and could actually beat some of them, in a pro boxing match. If Wiman will stand with Fisher...mad props!! i'm serious. We will all be in for a treat if this would happen, like a few say Wiman will.

^^ http://www.sendspace.com/file/76fabi

Wiman deserves alot of credit for actually taking the fight (regardless of the outcome); I mean Gabe Ruediger turned the fight down.


Wiman does deserve a lot of credit. That's a true Warrior taking a fight like this, especially on a few days notice!