Win a trip to the NoGi Worlds! -Montreal Grappling

Let's make some noise for this. It's going to be awesome. No masters, teens, or kids yet. Just an adult professionally ran tournament which features 4 rings which constantly run and everyone getting 4 fights at the lowest price in grappling. All fights are recorded and distributed to everyone online for free so no one will be missing footage of their fights.

Oh yeah...1 more thing...You can win the best prizes in the sport and watch some of the best super fights in Canada.

COST: 50$ (CAN) for competitors & 10$ (CAN) for spectators.

TIME: Weigh-ins: 8am to 10am
Competition: 11:00am exact start time

DIVISIONS: 2 Experience Divisions: Under 18 months of experience (Division I)
Over 18 months of experience (Division II)

4 Weight Classes: Under 155 pounds (Lightweight)
Under 175 pounds (Welterweight)
Under 200 pounds (Middleweight)
Over 200 pounds (Heavyweight)

Women’s Division: Women will fight in 1 weight class and 1 experience
division making it a round robin absolute

ROUND ROBIN FORMAT: All divisions with 10 contestants or more will be separated into groups to allow those competitors to have a minimum of at least 4 matches at our tournament. Depending on the number of competitors, the groups may vary from 5 to 9 competitors.

Following the round robin, the best grapplers from each division will compete in a single-elimination format to crown a winner. Depending on the number of competitors in each division we might be holding quarterfinals, semifinals or only finals.

RULES: We will follow the IBJJF rules.
There will be a rules’ meeting before the tournament starts.

Leg locks: Division I competitors are only allowed to use the straight achilles lock.
Division II will allow the achilles lock as well as both the kneebar and toe hold.

Points: Takedown, Sweep or Knee on the belly 2 points
Passing the guard 3 points
Mount or Back control 4 points

LENGTH: Division I & Division II matches will be 5 minutes.
Super Fight matches will be 10 minutes.

Conditions apply for Grand Prize Winners. They must live within continental North America as well have a valid passport with no criminal record that would affect their travel.

The Montreal Grappling Grand Prix will always send its 4 advanced division winners to 1 of the world’s 4 most renowned tournaments in Los Angeles. These tournaments include the Mundials, the Pan-Ams, the NoGi World Championships, and the NoGi Pan-Ams. The Montreal Grappling Experience will always send its absolute division winner to 1 of the 2 most respected tournaments outside of continental North America. These tournaments include the Rio de Janeiro Open in Brazil and the European Open in Lisbon, Portugal. We will organize the airfare, hotel accommodation, and registration for the tournament that the competitor wins our qualifier for.

The Montreal Grappling Grand Prix on October 1st will be a NoGi grappling tournament held under the round robin format. The 4 advanced divisions winners will win our sponsorship package to the NoGi World Championships that will take place November in Los Angeles.

Our round robin format allows all competitors to have a minimum of 4 matches to make for or the best grappling experience possible. Grapplers at the top of their groupings will then compete in a single elimination format to find out who is the best in the division. The tournament’s structure includes 2 experience divisions and 4 weight classes for men as well as a single division for women. We believe, with fewer divisions and a round robin format, all of our competitors will be given the chance to truly compete. The Finals of each division as well as our Super Fights will be displayed to our crowd from a central mat so that the grapplers receive maximum exposure for their biggest fight of the day.

There will be no videotaping allowed at our events due to the circumstances that we will be recording the complete event to release to the public, free of charge, over the internet.

FREE PRIVATE PARKING is available at the entrance of the venue until spots last on the day of the competition. That takes care of those of you driving and need a place to park.

For those taking the metro, the venue is right next to the metro "Université de Montréal"

College Jean-de-Brebeuf
5625 Decelles
Montreal, QC

The YouTube channel and site is:

We don't only record our fights but some of the biggest that we can get a hold of first hand.

Don't forget that our production will now be increased a lot due to our sponsorship deal with SAMA MATS whose mats we will be now using in our tournaments.

SAMA has done a lot for us and a lot of clubs around Canada, check them out at:

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