Windz Bushido PPV?


No 2 month delay this time????

I cannot find anything that says when it will be aired.


PRIDE now airs all of their pay-per-views on the same day in North America.

They should all be aired on same day delay (or at most, a week's delay) for a while. PRIDE will be holding an event every single month until November. The last Bushido was delayed because it happened only a week after the previous PRIDE show. It was aired during a month that had no PRIDE show scheduled.

i have direct tv and it says may 23 for $19.95!!

how many fights are on this card?? 20 bucks is cheap.

now, the fucked up thing is, to order a replay of the pride Heavyweight GP, it's still 30 bucks.

kinda fucked up but oh well, still going to order it.