Winged Scapula

I have winged scap, not severe but enough to give me trouble here and there. i believe I also have some nerve damage in the same arm from winged scap. I have some exercises to strength the arm and shoulder, but it is an on going problem. Just wondering if anyone is dealing with the same problem or have any experience with it at all.

Lots of different possible causes. Have you had it checked out by a medical pro?

It would be good to verify whether or not you actually have nerve damage before attempting to self-rehab. Stretching and exercise may help considerably, but the appropriate stretches and exercises may vary considerably depending on the cause.

My best advice is to see a good orthopedic doctor or PT that really knows shoulders. Once you have a better understanding of what's going on, you'll be better equipped to rehab it.

Good luck!
Jason Erickson

My wife had/has this.

She went to rehab for several sessions and it got MUCH better. Her primary doc sent her to the rehab place after first diagnosing it via x-ray (I think).

Best of luck to you.

^^ By the way, great advice from JasonE, imo.

Winged scapulas can also be a sign of either chiari malformation or scoliosis. Get it checked out.

thanks again

oh i forgot to say that my two good friends are great PTs, one even has her doctrine in PT. They gave me some great exercises that has helped it considerably but there is still issues with it. I believe it is a nerve damage issue, I wonder what I can do about the nerve damage if anything at all.