Wings to go!

How about one of you fuck nuggets come have a beer with me. My roommate is on a sober kick. Phone Post

Then how does he stand to fuck you?

My roommate is a minority. There will be no interracial sex. Phone Post

The Mexican in him would do it for cheap. The native in him would quit half way through though. Phone Post

Which Wings to Go do you frequent? Phone Post

Claremore. I haven't been since that black ring girl was there. It's good no one came though, the fucking tap broke. Horrible dinner with no beer. Phone Post

I work in that god awful town....claremore blows more dick than Larry Srock Phone Post

I agree. If it weren't for my job, I wouldn't mind the town. But I can't wait to leave this place Phone Post

Always down 4- a beer Virux, just no blow jobs! Lol. Hit us up me, Sheila. Phone Post

Well, there would have been no beer. It was horrible. I ate 40 lemon pepper wings and left. Not even a nice fat chick to look at. Phone Post

Virux, do i know you? Phone Post

I don't know. Where do you work? Phone Post

I doubt you work with me but I was looking for a you know any guys named Marv? Phone Post

No. I know for a fact I don't work with you. I'm at the army office across the street from walgreens. Phone Post


Stunpals - GET A R0OM YOU FAGS!


Stunpals - GET A R0OM YOU FAGS!

This is bad? I've never had a Marv Bar before... Phone Post

Dwayne Davis and Shane Garrett? Yeah I've fucked them! Phone Post

Wings to Go has some of the worst fucking wings on the planet.

Lemon pepper is all I like. The rest suck ass. Phone Post