Winner of Aldo vs edgar= no 1 p4p fighter ?

This is probably gonna be the most underrated fight in UFC history, all I hear is people bitching that Edgar doesn't deserve this shot, we have the most un greatful fans in the world! This in reality is 2 of the top 5 p4p fighters going at it! Everyone knows Frankie is the real Lw champ aldo is top 2 p4p, and this is a replacement fight! Its a great time to be an mma fan, I'm pumped Phone Post

Lol. Nope. Phone Post

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Lol. Nope. Phone Post


Do you know Anderson Silva? Phone Post

If Aldo beats Edgar, it would still be difficult to say he's the number 1 p4p fighter but it can be argued. Edgar beating Aldo on the other hand wouldn't put him anywhere near the top considering he has two losses to te current LW champ. You can argue all you want that he "might" have won the second fight or that it was a draw, it is still two losses do it wouldn't make any sense to rank him anywhere close to top 4 or 5 even.

 Logic escapes this man.

Edgar just lost twice in a row to the same man and you exclude that from your process?  lol 


If Aldo demolishes Frankie, I could see the argument being made simply due to the fact that I would be very, very surprised if this fight was not competitive. Phone Post