Winner of Kos vs Daley to be TUF12 coach with GSP?

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                                Winner of Kos vs Daley to be TUF 12 coach with GSP

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Today, I received an email from someone who trains in Team Roughhouse. Apparently over the weekend, Joe Silva called Paul Daley to let him know that the winner of his upcoming UFC 113 bout with Josh Koscheck will be the new coach on The Ultimate Fighter Season 12  with Georges St. Pierre coaching the opposite team. Whoever is Georges St. Pierre's rival coach on TUF 12 will eventually face GSP at the end of the show  for the UFC Welterweight title.

If this is true (and I sincerely believe it is), this tells us one of two things regarding the future of UFC. The first of which is due to Anderson Silva's performance at UFC 112, Dana White has temporarily abandoned his pursuit of that dream GSP vs. Ando match. This could be the case. However, there is always that strange, alternate option that makes all those message board conspiracy theorists salivate over late at night ...

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 I really hope Kos loses now, I would hate to listen to him talk all season long.

Doesn't mean Shields won't be coming over. Strikeforce probably has a timetable to match any offer, plus he might still have to do the remaining 1 fight extension. I still think he'll head to the UFC, but just not in time to film TUF.

Even as a fan of all three I find this rather lame. Titles shouldn't be held up by TUF filming anymore. Not even like recent tuf season coach fights have a good track record of happeneing following filming anyways.

blue63 - 
NailedtotheSky - Even as a fan of all three I find this rather lame. Titles shouldn't be held up by TUF filming anymore. Not even like recent tuf season coach fights have a good track record of happeneing following filming anyways.

Rampage and Rashad ARE fighting and Tito's future in the sport is still in question, he's still battling his neck problems.. but Frankin and Chuck ARE fighting and they DID coach on the show.

So what recent TUF season coaches are you talking about that haven't fought following filming?  Franklin/Hughes?  That wasn't exactly recent... that was 5 years ago.<br type="_moz" />

Following filming as planned without delays as I meant? Hughes/Serra, Evans/Jackson, and of course Ortiz/Liddell all count which puts things at 50% for going as planned, though I have to admit outside of the first 2 episodes I haven't really watched season 11. Is Franklin actually on the show coaching now? Either way its yet to happen and until it does it can't be counted.

filming for tuf 12 is suppose to be june through the 1st or 2nd week in july approx no later. that means it will prolly air late august... so the could fight as early as late october but i doubt it.. prolly dec b4 the holidays... imo not a horriable lay off for either guy.

Eh, not really interested in seeing Daley coach on TUF unless Kos was the other coach. Would much rather see Fitch.


Champs shouldn't be game show hosts, they should be defending their fucking belts.

I can see why they're doing this. It's a long time between title defenses anyway, and the current crop of guys near or at the top are guys GSP has already beat, Kos included. Kos having never received a title shot, coupled with the fact that he has improved his game and was on TUF 1, make me believe that Zuffa is rooting for Kos bigtime. Daley could be a good tv personality, but i don't think he's beating Koscheck. Anderson/GSP is out, so tie GSP up with the Kos/Daley winner while the welterweight division has more time to create a new contender or revitalize a previous one. Yeah, I can see this.

Its these kind of decsions that are making me lose interest in watching mma.

 I'd like to see Daley coaching against GSP but I'm not sure i could take another season of UK trolling!

If Semtex wins and becomes the other TUF coach, that's all we'll hear about from the UK boys for the next 6 months - or even more. As much as I can't stand the guy, I'll be rooting for Kos.

I acually really like the idea.  Both Kos and Daley can talk quite the game and are both very TUF (hehe) opponents.  Though I think GSP runs thru both of them.

I'm fairly confident Kos will take Daley down and sub him, but we'll find out soon enough. 

Kos can bring in Fitch and Swick and GSP will bring in Cote and Louiseau.  Or if Daley wins, he may bring in Hardy and Rampage.  Either way there will be some entertaining TV as GSP has defeated Kos, Fitch and Hardy.  Stop hating and just enjoy.