Wins !!! 2 iranian UFC fighters

congratulation to  2 iranian UFC fighters


1_   Gegard Mousasi

Gegard Mousasi  (iran_   Wins   )  vs. Thales Leites 185 Lbs  


2_Makwan Amirkhani  (iran wins)

Makwan Amirkhani    (iran wins)     vs. Mike Wilkinson 145 Lbs


Gegard is Armenian Phone Post 3.0

Dear dehghani this is great news.  0 wins Saudi Arabian fighters as well

andre - Gegard is Armenian Phone Post 3.0
He was born in Iran, bro.

That's like me saying i'm not American, but French, Russian, and Irish. Phone Post 3.0

 my  telegram channel


there was never any doubt.

Isn't Makwan from Iraq?

Makwan is from an Iran region of Kurdistan.

What are the better MMA gyms in Iran? I may be in Iran for a few weeks in September.