With Creepy out, Dodson steps in

@UFCNews: With @UncleCreepyMMA injured, @JohnDodsonMMA will now be the one to welcome @ScottJorgensen to flyweight at @UFConFOX 12/14.

Love Creepy but this fight is sick! Phone Post 3.0

fuck yeah WAR DODSON!!

Someone called this shit so hard in the injury thread.

Dodson is quicklu becoming my favorite flyweight fighter Phone Post

Looks like Dodson's getting his wish for quick fights, good on him. Squeaky wheel gets the grease...

How long before Dodson gets another title shot? If he wins and Benavidez win I would love to see this fight.

Pitbull3744 -




I like Mighty Mouse but I think Joseph takes the rematch Phone Post 3.0

Dodson has grown on me, the fella comes to scrap! Phone Post 3.0