Wladdy Klit. News!!

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By Roman Kernitski

April 11, 2004; Wladimir Klitschko's blood test has come back with a sugar level four times the normal level for a person. To put this into perspective, a diabetic has sugar level 1.6 times the normal. Doctors in Las Vegas carried out multiple tests, which have returned with questionable results. Further tests are being done, results of which should be known in the coming days. Full exclusive interviews with both Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko to follow tomorrow morning, but until then, Remember where you heard it first. (Posted 4:00 p.m PDT)

This would explain why Vladdy looked DEAD near the end.. I don't remember any hard, clean punches in the 5th that rocked him, he was just flat-out exhausted. And with that blood sugar level, it makes alot of sense.

no hard punches? ur crazy. he got rocked with two big left hooks before he went into the ropes and Brewster went into a flurry. . .

What could have caused that?

Man I loved that fight! I was rooting big time for Brewster because of the story he brought to the fight. The man took some shots that would have KO'ed King Kong and he sucked it up and hung in there. I'm dating myself here but it was reminescent of Mike Weaver KOing Big John Tate.

CompanyBlue - Brewster did tag Vladdy a couple of times to put him down (nothing thunderous), however, the ONLY reason he ever got inside and did the damage was because of Vladdy's fatigue. The first 4 rounds, Vlad was clinching and keeping distance perfectly, minus a stiff straight he ate in the 3rd. Near the end, Vladdy couldn't even hold his own arms up, clinch, or do anything except lay down. A stiff breeze would of blew him over at that point.

It was obvious something was wrong with Vladdy, he went 12rds with Byrd, 10 with McCline, and pretty deep in other fights. Like the article says, he had an INSANE blood sugar level during the fight, he seriously could've died.

I second elgringo's question.

an undiagnosed case of type 1 diabetes.

Would that make fatigue so badly? I know nothing about it and sounds kind of strange that they found it the way they did. I am glad they did because I think it is dangerous and hopefully he can get back to normal or as close as he can get to normal with a doctors help He looked like something was wrong with him but I don`t like to make excuses. I thought he just didn`t train hard enough and punched himself out.

Yes, I was really fatigued until I got diagnosed, and even today if i get a high blood sugar I get tired as very quickly when working out etc.

jellynuts, im not disputing that he was tired. but im just responding to the original post where it said he doesn't remember ANY hard clean punches that rocked him . . . It was pretty clear that he did land a few solid hard shots. I just don't wanna take away anything from Brewster, he showed a ton of heart and I honestly think he knew he could wear him down. . . He was eating a lot of punches and there is no way Wlad. could keep throwing that many punches very long. It wasn't the prettiest win, but it made a fan outta me

Brewster weathered a storm that would have killed many men. The guy has tons of heart. I seriously hope Wladimir is ok and it was a case of poor training. I hate to see an athlete get put down before his time by his own body, like Bo Jackson. If it does prove to be some health issue I wonder how much crow will be eaten on this board. I guess none, most of the haters will either not post of find someone else to bash.

Didnt Kerr say that his blood sugar levels were way off in the Fujita fight and that caused his lack of gas in the fight?

That makes a lot of sense...he did not have the look of a fighter that was KO'ed (IMHO)rather he looked like someone who was completely fatigued.

Even so, Brewster landed a shot in the 3rd or 2nd that seriously wobbled Wladimir. Fatigued or not, he doesn't have a good chin at all.

Brewster definately ate a lot of punches. He did a great job hanging in there.

Although, I like Wladamir, I'm happy for Brewster, that was a huge win for him.

The one thing that bugs me now is, I always thought, and still think that Wladamir is a better boxer than Vitali.

Vitali looked good against an out of shape Lewis. If it wasn't for that he would've gotten destroyed.