WME/IMG Execs to blame for not signing Askren

Going to get Zuffa shilled to death, but fuck it

It’s blatant if you open your eyes...

The Great (rapidly dying, and soon to be extinct), Strong Alpha Caucasian American male doesn’t fit into their narrative, agenda and end game. This same narrative is apparent across all sports, media, movies, TV shows etc, however let’s go back to MMA. Can you name one Caucasian American male besides Justin “The Low IQ bumpkin brawler” Gaethje they’ve pushed since acquiring the UFC? Please don’t say TJ or the knee bender Cody G, as I’m referring to Men not Manlets. Speaking of which I haven’t seen one picture of Ari and any Caucasian American MMA fighter other than his favorite power bottom Cody “No Love” Garbrandt.

Ben Askren is the last hope and the only true UNDEFEATED marketable threat to the infidels Conor and Khabib, yet he remains unsigned for the reasons I listed above.

Call me racist or whatever you want, I support any and everyone. My wife of 3 years is African-American and even she agrees.

Here’s an insider scoop for you filthy casuals, why do you think Joe Silva retired?

I'd love to see Askren in the UFC.

Are you suggesting WME/IMG had influence over zuffa long before they owned or even bidded for the UFC? They were not in the picture when the UFC first turned their back on Ben.

Who the fuck is Ben Askren?