Women’s UFC Pound-for-pound rankings

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In for spirited debate.

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Andrade and Joanna have similar records against similar opponents. But Joanna has a win over Andrade. Id put Joanna over Andrade in the p4p rankings.


I usually shit all over WMMA in general… but there are a few girls that I don’t mind watching.

One of the recent girls is Sumiko Inaba

She’s a little Hawaiian chick that’s 3-0 in Bellator and she fights to finish.

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The talent pool in WMMA is too shallow to have anything but title fights.

Have everyone else fight it out in Invicta.

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I saw Inaba’s last fight, and was pretty impressed. She can fight. I hope to see her in the UFC, she’s just the kind of gal that can create a spark in WMMA.

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Holm needs to get a fight in with her significant other to stay in the top 5, you know, like her teammate Jones :smiley:

I don’t understand why Holly is on any list for anything.

She provided an absolutely amazing moment I will always cherish, but she hasn’t done Jack shit. She’s boring and doesn’t she seem to win some/lose some?