Women's Kimonos

i really like those Atama's kimonos for women, with the pink atama stitching and kanji...

would any of you have any suggestions for womens kimonos...as in good places to buy, order...etc...maybe in Canada? Are there vendors in Canada? i don't even know. i don't wanna have to pay out of my a** for shipping and US prices...but am not sure if there's a better option. i've only ever had men's gi's, and the tops always seem so bulky...i'm thinking that a women's will fit better? ladies, any suggestions? seems like women's gear is so hard to find...


I just received one of the atama women's gis which I purchased for a
Christmas present. The gi came with some extra pink patches and a t-
shirt. I placed the order by phone and they shipped it the same day.
Excellent service.