Women's Open Matt!

Lets see if we can't make this happen more often.

thanks a lot ravishing!!!!

KAshk i would probably be the happiest girl ever if this were to happen on a regular basis.

Thanks to Josh for letting us use the club and thanks to Yael and Sharon and all the girls that made training awesome!

There is a lady coming in from PEI by way of NFLD next week, you guys should consider organizing another open mat, and definately try to make it in for Monday and Wednesday classes.

Dont' have time with school and all that for open matt BUT sharon seemed set on coming up again in the near future and I know there are a few women from all over the place who would be down for that.

Anyways i'll be there mon/wed to train with this chick!

p.s. i can't believe annie is posting

Im planning on coming to class regularily now as my new job finishes early. See you Monday!