Women's Open Matt!

Just wanted to let everyone know that on December 29th during the day, there will be a women's open matt session at Wagnney Fabiano BJJ & MMA. So far there will be 3 blue belts and one purple in attendence, so it should be a great opportunity for some good training and rolling. All women are welcome!!!

For more info feel free to contact yael at mocafrap@hotmail.com

happy holidays,


TTT some talented ladies from across North America will be on the mats, I think any lady that can make it, will be glad they did.



what time??

not 100% sure about the time yet...probably afternoonish.....as soon as we figure that out I will post the time.

let me know.


"ladies from across North America will be on the mats"

This explains why Mico has this date circled on his calendar and his new found interest in after-shave. What the . . . ?

I don't think we will be having any male spectators or participants. Unless Yael, and the other confirmed ladies feel strongly about having that.


Actually, that was a joke - of sorts.


actually i would like to have the open matt in the afternoon, right before mico's class so I can just stay for that. So you can tell him to put on his aftershave b/c he'll probably get to meet the women.


sounds good

the open matt will be tomororw (29th)
at 3:00pm!!!!

hmm. I think i may come by...

Is that the women's change room door closing? where is yael???? :)

Really classy Claude! Do you use those moves those in
the night clubs.

HAHAHHA...claude you mofo, i've said it before and i'll say it again you TAlk to much. i wasn't ducking you and you know it. BRING IT :)

dom don't be silly, when claude goes to clubs he's the guy sitting at the bar alll alone all night long, the only action he gets is from teh security guard who pats him down.

oh by the way, the womens' open matt was AWESOME.

my friend Sharon Bonewicz from philly who runs the Rocinha Project was teaching us some sweet tehcniques, and then we all rolled. there were 5 of us all together and i think everyone had a great time.

HOpefully next time we can have more girls show up like rebecca and rima who both couldnt' make it unfortunately.


p.s. thanks to josh for letting us use the club :)

ttt for yael and her efforts in helping this sport grow among the ladies!