Won My First Match!!!

As a junior wrestling my first wrestling match ever. I won 9-0!!! I am so pumped.

Congats. Going a match without giving up a takedown or an escape is pure domination. Great job.

Nice work!

I was scared though because the guy picked me up off the mat three times(I weigh 162 and wrestle 171). All three times I laced a leg(I'm tall) and just crossed face the shit out of him and got the takedown. Only thing running through my mind was "I'm gonna break my neck, I'm gonna break my neck."

Keep practicing man... my senior year I weighed 135 and wrestled 145. I had to eat to make weight instead of not eat. I pinned most of my opponents so remember it isn't all muscle.

Oh yeah, I used to get pumped up knowing I was the underdog. At the weigh ins I'd see the 145 lb'er look ripped like he cut to make 145, and then theres me weighing in at 135. I knew he was thinking he was gonna sqaush me. Then I went out on the mat like an animal and tried to make him look like a little kid.

If you ever wrestle up in weight thrive off being the underdog, I actually prefer being the underdog.

I went to my first tournament and took 3rd place out of 16. I lost my first match in under a minute by pin and I really let myself get down but I began tearing through the loser brackets to get to the 3rd place match only to face the guy I lost to in the first round. The boy was so much stronger then me and away better wrestler also. I pinned him in the third period after dominating the first two. We wrestled my match and I took it to him.

I am the only first year wrestler on my team to take a medal (1st, 2nd, and 3rd) and the only first year wreslter to win more then one match.

I'm tearing up JV.

(P.S. If you don't beleive me, I have it on tape)

Congrats man keep practicing

Man if I had the equipment to put it on the computer I would.

I only wreslted three matches because I got a bye for my first match in the losers bracket.

I've got the medal. I'll take a picture and put it on the computer if you want.

you guys are all making me miss wrestling. I won my first match I ever wrestled in 1997 my freshman year. I then lost the next oh I would say 5 to 10. I didn' do good my first year at all. The next year Icame back and went all conference and placed in every touny I wrestled in.


Wrestle hard

I wrestle in Maryland

I think that jiu-jitsu and the wrestling I learned from it is the only reason I'm good though.

Congratulations......Have a good time on the victory trail.
The journey is awesome!!!