Won my first MMA fight lastnight

Did they want to put you in expecting you to lose, or is it a very small show and thats why you were up for the title on your first fight in years?

No disrespect, just honestly curious.

Actually its pretty simple.
I am 6'3'' 350 pounds.
I am extremely strong, a brown belt in judo and a purple in jiu jitsu, and a good wrestler and puncher.
I think they might have also considered the fact the my two losses were to Eric Pele and Tim Sylvia.

you couldn't beat those amateurs?? Hack.

Honestly when you said your one of the biggest mma fighters i was expecting 6'10" and 350 pounds.

just realised i never said congrats on your win, so congrats.

Done something most don't just by getting in let alone winning.

said biggest, not tallest.(insert penis joke)

so now you are the axfighting.com world champ?