Woodley: Feed me to the wolves

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                                Woodley: Feed me to the wolves

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                    <p>Tyron Woodley made one of the more impressive debuts of a Strikeforce import, TKO'ing Jay Hieron in just thirty six seconds of the first round at UFC 156. Now Woodley faces a hard test this weekend, fighting Jake Shields at UFC 161. Woodley, however, is down for the challenge and ready to fight the best the UFC has to offer:</p>

"The whole goal that entire camp was to make a statement," Woodley told Bleacher Report about his UFC debut. "I not only wanted to make a statement to myself but also the team I fight for and the promotion. The UFC needed to see that I was there now and put everyone on notice.

"I think I'm ready, man. I don't need to be powdered up. I've asked for tough fights on purpose. Feed me to the wolves. I already know who they are. It's not like they have some secret animal they are going to unleash inside the cage. I already know who the wolves are in the welterweight division and I'm ready to fight any of them."

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I think he runs through Shields. Phone Post 3.0

I dig his attitude even though I'm not a huge fan. Think he beats Shields also. Phone Post

Fuck yeah, like the attitude! Phone Post 3.0

I think he destroys Shields in devastating fashion.

Rooting for jake
Unsure how he will deal with woods explosive movements Phone Post 3.0

Awesome!!! Phone Post 3.0

Woodley ready to unleash the beast! Phone Post 3.0

I put shields/mardquart in 2005 skillset I see Woodley/safardine as the next generation Phone Post

Shields has no chance in this fight, but where does Woodley go after this?

I haven't been impressed with Shields since Hendo Phone Post 3.0

Betting odds for this fight

Woodley  -185

Shields   +150

UGCTT_FryedTakayama -

Betting odds for this fight

Woodley  -185

Shields   +150

I'd confidently put the 185 on woodley to win $100. Jake won't be able to get a hold of him, it'll look like Woodley's fight against Galvao Phone Post 3.0

GayGuardMooseSaucy - I think he runs through Shields. Phone Post 3.0
/ thread

Unless there're something fishy Phone Post 3.0

Considering the abuse that this card has taken, this is a very good fight to have on the prelims...

Will probably have a punt on Woodley at those odds...

Fair play.. After watching a few of his more boring fights in strikeforce I wasn't sold on woodley but he's proving the doubters wrong Phone Post

Shields will get cut if he loses this fight.

I'm rooting for Shields.

Shields is going to grapplefuck Woodley to a decision. Phone Post

philipee32 - Hopefully he ko's shields and we can cut him. And jacare triangles okami and he gets cut too.

Lol..shut up dude. Phone Post

When Woodley was first on everyone's radar in Strikeforce Challengers he looked like a complete beast. Around the Saffiedine fight he started approaching fights differently and went the more safe route. He's been noticeably more aggressive in his last 2 fights though, so let's hope he's back to his old self.

Would not surprise me one bit to see him KO Shields. If he wins, Erick Silva would be a perfect fight.