Woodley Got a 10-8 1st...?

Judge Crosby didn't give Woodley a 10-8 4th.. instead his 10-8 was for the 1st. Does anybody actually agree with this line of thinking? I'm guessing most think Wood got a 10-8 4th, but not a 10-8 1st.. even tho they never give out 10-8's in MMA, especially in rounds where guys end up on their backs for nearly a minute with the opponent who lost the Rd. throwing punches down on them.. & if Crosby is more liberal in his use of 10-8's (which judges should be), why would he give a 10-8 1st and not a 10-8 4th.. This shit is so confusing. How did you guys score this? I went 10-9 Wood, 9-10, 9-10, 10-9, 9-10 for the 48-47 Thompson point win, PRIDE loss. I actually thought it was the worst Wonderboy has looked in a long time and the 1st rd takedown completely changed the rest of the fight.



Crosby is a complete idiot. He used to post here and made a thread about his questionable scoring. Phone Post 3.0

Good to know new commissions will just choose from the same crop of turds.

Doug Crosby is a tool.

Wasn't Round 1 when he almost killed Wonderboy for last 2 minutes and was pulled off at bell? Thompson landed 1 significant shot? 

51 strikes to 3 = a 10-8 round Phone Post 3.0




more odd judging by crosby


Wanderpage - 51 strikes to 3 = a 10-8 round Phone Post 3.0

Post under your real account, Douglas. 

It's pretty tough to get a 10-8 in MMA I once saw Shogun sit on a man's chest and rain down shots for 4 minutes & not get a 10-8. 

Crosby: 10-8 1st ( but doesn't see 4th as a 10-8 )
Cleary: 10-8 4th ( but doesn't see 1st as a 10-8 )
Trowbridge: 10-9 RD3 for WOODLEY 

those are wtf 

Woodley didn't really do any damage in the first, those "significant" strikes were mostly rib shots from full/half guard hence why I don't see it as a 10-8 round. Well, I guess he did land 1 elbow to the bridge of the nose.