Woodley: I'm too fast, too well-rounded for Lawler

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                                Woodley: I'm too fast, too well-rounded for Lawler

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                    <p>Tyron Woodley has won four of his last five fights to earn a title shot against champion Robbie Lawler at UFC 201. His only loss was a third round decision loss to former title contender Rory MacDonald.</p>

Heading into this title fight, Tyron Woodley is confident that he has the tools to become the new welterweight champion and thinks he has a few distinct advantages over Robbie Lawler:

“Even after I signed the bout agreement, it just didn't seem real because you know how our sport is -- crazy things happen," he continued.

"But then when I got to training camp and I started watching film, I started breaking him down, it just got real, man."

As great as Lawler has been for the past few years, Woodley thinks he's got what it takes to dethrone the champ. "Man, I'm just too fast. I'm just too well-rounded to be denied in this fight ... It's my season, it's my time," he asssured.

"I can take it to the ground and grapple, I can wrestle, I can obviously strike with creative strikes and get there really quickly, but in addition to that, I just feel I can brawl and bang as well so there's multiple different ways I feel comfortable winning the fight."

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Lol, woodley is cray cray. Phone Post 3.0

Hope Lawler destroys. Phone Post 3.0

Not gonna go well for him if he brawls with Robbie. Phone Post 3.0

My money is on Robbie but woodley is a beast Phone Post 3.0

Woodley better keep his back off of the cage, lest he find it holding him up while Robbie knocks his fucking head off like a kid playing t-ball. #marquardtknows Phone Post 3.0

Terrible for UFC if a hot/cold fighter like Woodley becomes champ, although on the plus side he won't keep the belt.

How many months has it been since Woodley competed? Was Kelvin his last fight? Phone Post 3.0

Rhys91 - In before Lawler laughs at his strikes and uses his head as a basketball. Phone Post 3.0
To be fair, I think Lawler laughs and smiles at everyone's strikes lol. I don't even feel like Woodly deserves the shot though. Phone Post 3.0

Woodley better practice his wrestlesex or hope for a fluke KO. Bob is a fucking animal.

Just dont see woodley fucking with this version of lawler. Ruthless via KO. Phone Post 3.0

He'll talk a big game about stand up and brawling, but he's gonna try to get this fight to the ground asap every round. Phone Post 3.0

I don't see Tyron threatening Robbie but I also didn't expect to see Bisping as a champion. I hope Robbie finishes Tyron impressively and goes on to face Wonderboy. Phone Post 3.0

You may be faster Tryon, but can you knock out a legit caveman? Phone Post 3.0

Woodley is going to shock everyone. Phone Post 3.0

Rudi - Woodley is going to shock everyone. Phone Post 3.0

I wouldn't be shocked if he won -- he hits hard and Robbie gets hit a lot -- but I would be shocked if he held the belt more than one fight at most.

Woodley last fought Jan 31, 2015. Phone Post 3.0

Put money on Robbie Phone Post 3.0

Im hoping Woodley wins, then the UFC might finally make Robbie Nick Two, but they wont feed Robbie to Nick as champ.

Woodley will get chin checked bad.