Woodley is an elite level UFC striker (Jake will still win)

OP is dumb

This. I actually thought he might have decent skill like his brother does, but he does not seem to possess it. No boxing fundamentals and terrible punching technique. Endurance and toughness, I’ll give him that.

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I wonder if Woodley’s power will translate to boxing with bigger gloves. McGregor’s power wasn’t the same in boxing.

Elite world class? Be honest with yourself for a second. go watch a legit elite level boxing match and tell me the brothers can beat those guys.

Maybe in time they are putting in the work but they still need time to get better and face true adversity. Woodley sure as fuck ain’t hanging with the vast majority of high level boxers.

Woodley has a nice right hand and that’s about it

I don’t think anyone’s power is the same between 4oz gloves and 16oz gloves. With that being said I think Floyd partially blocked and/or slipped a lot of those punches. I don’t know the numbers but I’d bet a small percentage of them landed clean. Plus Conor’s speed wasn’t as much of a factor as it usually is. Conor has great boxing fundamentals and very good technique, but Floyd is used to being hit by world class boxers who have been doing it since they were kids. Big difference. Logan’s shots didn’t faze him even with the size difference, he just doesn’t have good technique. I would imagine that Woodey’s power will not transfer over very well.

I agree with OP Jake Logan could probably fight and beat 3 UFC fighters in one night

He’s not an elite level ufc striker. He has an over hand right and threat of the take down.

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^ this lol. You think he beats Till or Wonderboy in a boxing or kickboxing fight at the times they fought? rofl