Woodley & KSI Talking Sh!+

One potential opponent for him in the boxing realm is KSI. The YouTuber has gone back and forth with Woodley over social media before, as seen in the following exchanges

Woodley: “And I’ll dog walk your ass so now what? You wouldn’t accept a fight on 2 weeks notice. Instead you fought 2 weak ass warm ups. You know my people run the play and put your money where your mouth is! Otherwise keep my name out your mouth before you get slapped in it.”

KSI: “You literally stood there to get knocked out. Both your fights against Jake were ass. So boring to watch. Only reason I would fight you is to show everyone how ass you both are, by beating you in a quicker time lmao.”

Woodley: “If it’s that easy come get this easy money. You will go back to click baiting after I break your jaw. If it’s such an easy fight pull up p***y. That’s why I said yes in one min of them asking me. But you need 5 months and fought two kindergarten teachers.”


I’ll take KSI. In before all the retards say it’s fixed. Tyron really shouldn’t be threatening anyone after his last 5 fights. I don’t even know what a KSI is.


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Incredible that in 2022 I don’t like Tyron Woodley’s chances against some guy.


Woodley looks like a bad ass black guy, but this nigga sure as fuck doesnt talk shit with the strength of a cool ass black guy…