Works in Rings KOK?


alright. I'm incorrect then. Who knows.

"you guys know that ishizawa's purorseu career went down to shit after that first loss to ryan. it was absolutely imperative that he redeem himself or his whole career would have been over."

That's crap. Ishizawa's contract ended with NJPW. Every wrestler that remained in NJPW took a pay cut. Ishizawa (Kendo Ka Shin) moved to All Japan where he remains one of the most popular wrestlers and a top draw.

The inside word on Ishizawa is that he's got real MMA skills, but the road is easier with Pro Wrestling. Sakuraba has commented on him being the real deal.

He was beating Ryan straight up in the second fight. The first fight he got caught cold and early. Shit happens. But the fights were not works.

"take it for what it is. those of you who know me on the forum know that I rarely try to make japanese fighters look bad, but i'm pretty convinced that tamura/renzo and ishizawa/ryan 2 were worked."

But is it beyond you to make a Gracie look bad ?

If anything, it sounds like you jabbing at both Renzo and Ryan, and saying that they would sell their reputations for money. That's low.

I'm no big fan of either Renzo or Ryan, based mostly on their arrogant ring demeanor after certain fights (stepping on opponent, spitting on opponent, flipping off Japanese fans, gloating), but I've never doubted that they do their best, legitimately, to win their fights. Not to purposely lose for a payday.