World Judo Championships Day 1 highlights

Womens 48k and mens 60K.   Watch Gold medalist Bilodid 48k (UKR) and Takato 60k (JPN) especially in this clip.  Takato has amazing turnovers.

Fricking in. 

Bilodid's ouchi-gari was unstoppable today. She is so tall with such long legs that she hits it from all angles. Her ouchi to sankaku against Galbadrakh was amazing considering Galbadrakh is awesome. I thought one of Bilodid's ouchis was more wazari since it didn't seem like her opponent's upper back hit the mat, but the referee thought otherwise. My favorite female in the 48kg is Melissa Hurtado from Cuba (20 second mark in this highlight). She had some tough matches before losing in the round of 16. I love her explosiveness, aggression, and brute force on the ground.  

Aaron, thanks for your help in posting the video.  The live broadcast is not being shown in the US.  Have to catch all the action on Youtube.

You can watch each individual match replay for he day on  The not so knows like the cuban girl have to fight  the top layers in the round of 16 for their respective brkt.

For you Aaron- Cuban girtls individual matches:


Naohisa Takato (world champion)


Bilodid vs 2017 world champion Funa Tonaki

Look at this. Those feet are hypnotic.

Thanks Red Stuff. Both of these world champions have excellent mat work also.  Bilodid uses her long legs for sankaku leg strangle/pin. Takato has excellent pins/turnovers/transition judo to choke/arm bar that I have seen.  He definitely has BJJ black belt skills.