World Record?

 A guy from Liverpool, UK called Paul Sass (7-0 pro, 4-0 amateur) trains out of Next Generation MMA and has done a bit of training with Greg Jackson.

His unblemished pro record consists of seven straight triangle victories, and including amateur, he has 10 straight triangle victories,

Anybody know of a fighter with more consecutive submission wins with all the same submission? It's been renamed the Sassangle over in Liverpool after his exploits! He's only 20 aswell, pretty amazing.

What did he win his first amateur fight with then?

Givanildo Santana. 10 consecutive pro wins by armbar.

any vid of one of the fight?

crazydave - What did he win his first amateur fight with then?

 decision. 7-0 & 4-0 = 11 fights. 10 consecutive triangles. In the last ten...

And Givanildo Santana sounds impressive, I'll look him up on Sherdog now.

oki..I found some vid

 Oh, and you can find some of his fights on youtube. 

Edit: My bad, just seen the post above.

Didn't Rickson submit 6 people straight in Japan with RNC? In fact all the fights I remember watching he submits guys with RNC.

 Paul Sass is a solid fighter


Tapped Out Again - Didn't Rickson submit 6 people straight in Japan with RNC? In fact all the fights I remember watching he submits guys with RNC.

Rickson by RNC doesn't have the same ring to it as Rickson by armbar though...

john joe  - the world record claim has been kicking around since March ( and thus far no one has come forward to top it. It seems Sass does have a solid claim to the world record for most consecutive triangle finishes.

He's a dead nice lad as well, only 20/21 years old and dead quiet, you would never peg him for a fighter - and a talent at that - until you see him go. He trains under UFC vet Jason Tan among others.

I wouldn't have thought anybody was even close with the amount of the same submission wins, but the dude with ten consecutive armbar finishes in Pro MMA is pretty unreal.

Hope to see Sass on the international stage after his next bout at Cage Gladiators!

 I never heard of a triangle run like that in MMA?

john joe - ^ is this jay furness? I heard you landed the MMAU gig; nice one.

Ten consecutive armbars is unreal you're right, I never heard of that guy before. But Sass' 7 triangles are also nuts. Everyone he faces thinks 'Right, i will stay out of his guard or if i'm there, i know he's going to triangle me' and then they end up getting triangled! the guy has Mad Skillz.
It is mate aye, hope you're doing good!

It's crazy to think that if you're fighting him your gameplan is, first and foremost, avoid the triangle. But he still gets it...Mad Skillz indeed!


I'm sorry, but amateur fights shouldn't count for the record. There is no sport where amateurs streak combine with pro streaks. MMA should be no different.

lmnao @ that record.

world record is held by Rickson Gracie, 57 straight wins by armbar.

 Rickson RNC wins were broken up by some wins via GnP

john joe - 

ha no way! Not seen you for time, how come you are never round karl's anymore, have you moved away? I heard you had a good fight on Sat night at AMMA.

 Yeah, was ok. Kid was a good wrestler, freakishly strong and big for the weight but I caught him with some decent shots standing, bloodied him up a bit and had a few sub attempts but he controlled me on the floor for probably 75% of the fight. UD was the right call.

And I'm at the other side of the pennines mate, hence no SBG. Gonna try get back over for some training though, saw the lads at the weekend and decided i'm due a trip back!

ttt for the sassangle, record or not it's impressive!

It's still very impressive.

There's only 1 way to settle this.

Paul Sass vs. Rickson Gracie.