World's smallest revolver?

2.34mm caliber, 5 shot, double-action

They mention on the site that many BB guns have ten times the energy, so I think the potential for mayhem is pretty limited.

Not available for import into the US, sadly.

Mad Dog Tannen had one of them

He doesn't like it when you call him Mad Dog.

A shot from this gun would feel like a BB gun. I would go for a point-blank mouth, or heart shot.

sweet! you can fit like 1000 of those things in a man-purse!! ;)

and I would shoot you with every one of them


Pretty sure Maxwell Smart had one of those.

That thing is amazing! I want one!

Only it's $5349!! holy fuck

10 times weaker than most BB guns? It prolly can't even break the skin.

Reminds me of the simpsons episode where Bart and Nelson are on the riverboat casino, and everyone starts shooting Deringers at each others. The bullets are just bouncing off people, and Moe says "OK, I see we all have Deringers, let's just put em away."

I used to have a very small .22 5-shot revolver. It was probably about 4 times as big as that gun.

It was cool because you could conceal it anywhere. You could palm it and no one would ever know you had a gun in your hand. The downside of having it, though, is that you'd HAVE to shoot someone with it if you pulled it, because if you didn't they'd surely kick your ass for pointing such a stupid looking gun at them.

Eventually a cop found me with it and took it away. Probably for the best.

How the hell do you get your trigger finger inside the trigger guard to pull the trigger?

trigger guard is the trigger.

you'll shoot your eye out...

I think it's for those times when youcan't decide between shooting someone or just letting it go. You could use this, make your point, and no one would be too hurt.

"I thought it would be a picture of revolver of reasons penis."

dude, stop thinking about my penis.

could that thing do any damage? LOL