Worst Beatdown Ever?

What was the worst beatdown in mma (UFC, Pride, King of the Cage etc.)
that you can remember?

The fight that immediatley comes to mind is Don Frye v. Amaury Bitteti in
UFC 9 (I think). The elbows that fry was landing were making Bitteti head
bounce off of the canvas and you could hear the echo. I remember hoping
the ref would stop it fearing for the guys safety.

Igor vs Enson.

Agreed...Igor vs Enson. Vicious beating.

There's a thread down the line with this same exact topic. Please don't spam the UG.

Tito over Shamrock first fight, go back and look at Ken's face. Looks like a truck ran into Ken's face.

Very bad beatdown

Gary Goodrich v Paul Herrera. Most daamage over the shortest amount of time.

enson in a bunch

goodridge and that guy that got crucifixed

tank's opponents matua and the other guy that look dead against the fence

Silva vs Franklin

Baroni vs Menne

Arona vs Sakuraba

Beatdowns should be LONG, drawn out fights. One sided ass kickings.

Franklin vs Silva - Was a beating. Not a beatdown

Igor vs Enson - Total Beatdown

Franklin vs Tanner - Total Beatdown

Ortiz vs Mezger II - Total Beatdown

Tom Erikson's first ever MMA fight and first round against Aleksander Khramstovskly, where Tom beats on the Russian's face for a good solid 10 minutes, back in the day where the ref didn't stop fights. The guy stopped defending himself intelligently, and was just getting pounded upon nonstop until his corner finally throws in the towel.

The poor Russian's head was beaten to a pulp and his face looked like he shoved it into a snow blower.

Any old school MMA knows what I'm talking about. Its the same event that Renzo kicks Oleg in the face, and Tom fights Bustamante to a draw later in the tournament.

That was the MArs show.

Arona vs Sakuraba

Bitonio/Vale made me question whether MMA (NHB at that time) was a little too barbaric when I was watching it on PPV

Ryan you beat me to it. I was hoping I would be the first to mention that fight. But the kid did make an attempt to turn things around.

Pat Smith put a pretty good, albiet quick, beating on that ninja guy in the old days. Those elbows at the end were vicious.

Frye vs. Bitteci UFC 9

Tito vs. Shammy

If I were at that fight, I would have called the cops.

Jeremy Horn vs Daiju Takase

SLayer I forgot about that one. My ribs are getting sore just thinking about that one.