Worst beating ever taken and won??

For all you fighters out there... what is the worst beating you've ever taken and still managed a win?

the short version:
I drop him in the first, get kneed in the wee-wee in second, as I protest to the ref-I get kicked in the head. Hard. I don't go down from the kick, But I'm messed up. After the kick, I never really get a real solid feeling back in my legs. In the fourth, I get sat down from a left hand. Didn't look like much of a punch on the tape-I think it was the lingering effects of the kick, along with the punch.

Throughout the fight, the guy was really dirty in the clinch, lacing, rabbit punches, tripping and judo type throws.

in the end, I won a decision, but had a headache for days afterword, along with a split lip, and numerous bruises and welts.