Worst Grappler Tournament

So I hear Dougie and Paul were planning on running a worst grappler at Grand Row tournament. In this case, the loser of each match moves on to the next round. The brackets so far look something like this:

Paul Mitchell vs. Canario

Dougie vs. Danny Yen



This card looks very promising.

Cool! How do I sign up?

I am so gonna win this tournament.

Someone make us a belt!

No Fair, your knee would mean you auotmatically win the tournament. And by win, I mean lose. Paul was talking about making a belt or shirt for the winner/loser.

Me vs an angry midget?

I know. Hehehe.

OW! TAP. OW! TAP. OW! TAP. I win, I mean lose.

Darb: You would have to supply your own angry midget. We have Danny, but that is as close as it gets. Depending on the other participants, we may have to change the draw. Perhaps random is the way to go.




I am taping up my ankles for this one. I'm gonna do my best to not win this tournament but somehow I have the feeling that won't matter.

I'm not sure if I should be happy about that.

That's a pretty wicked idea. Hilarious too.

I want in.

You are having a fat bastard division, right ?

JHR: You can be our Giant Silva of the tournament. Considering I'm the heaviest guy at 155 pounds, anything over 170 pounds would be considered heavyweight.

I wish I was as good looking as giant Silva !!

Yeah so do we JHR.


Well, I just weighed myself last night and todaya nd I am coming in at 146. The showdown scale is off.

I feel I represented my self as worst grappler in SW Ontario today at Joslins. None of those guys would have got very far in this tournament. I mean really, they all won.


Clearly I will win this tournament!

I dunno. I hard at work practicing for this tournament. I mean, I got the crap beat out of me yesterday. I can't get regular practice in. It's a recipe for victory in this tourny.

Todd Kowalski vs. Gary Coleman
Coleman wins and therefore loses.

I've been in heavy training all week for this tournament. I'm on the couch right now with 4 boxes of Timmy's and a case of beer. The belt will be mine.

146lbs?? Hahahaha! Disconnecting the A/C worked.