Worst Position for Submissions?

Which position, of those not considered to be "inferior" positions (e.g. Mount, Back Mount, Guard, etc.) would you guys say is the most limited when it comes to submission options and/or have submission options available that are not high percentage for most people?

I would say that either the Mount or the Back mount are the most limited in terms of submission options.

What do you guys think?

P.S. When answering, consider only in terms of BJJ or Submission Grappling competition.


from the back you may not have many options but the RNC is easily one of the best subs, if for nothing else, because attempting it doesnt comprimise your position and you can continually hunt for it.

From mount, there is plenty of shit.

Half Guard

The side mount has a ton of submissions available.

With the gi on the back and the mount have a ton of chokes. Alot of player thansition form the back mount to armbar (the same can be said of mount).

I would say open guard with your opponent outside of your legs, followed by north south.

From Half guard you can still get chokes, kimuras, and leglocks (but its true that for most it is mainly a sweeping position).

You think that mount or back is the most limited in sub potential!?!?!

Jesus man, were the hell are you learning jiu-jitsu?

I dont know but if I get the mount or especially back mount... if my opponant doesnt tap I get really pissed at myself because I just fucked up!

Mount is the worst.

Side mount has a ton.

I'd say guard and sidemount have the most.In no gi, the mount is more limited, but the backmount is always the best position to have. There is still plenty of stuff to do from the mount though. You just have to know how to set them up with immobilizing holds or say a corkscrew mount.

I'd have to say the most "limited" would be reverse scarf hold. I only know one submission from there and you have to start out in N/S to use it anyhow, but you end up applying the elbow/shoulder lock from reverse scarf hold. The position has it's uses though, very good for transitioning through to take mount

Sidemount is excellent gi or no-gi.

Mount is much more limited in no-gi. The absence of the double attack in no-gi makes armbars way harder to set up from there.

Sorry, forgot.
Mount is great for Gi, sucks for No gi.

I like the mount. chokes, armbars, mounted triangles, one of my favorites is pining an arm of my opponent to the ground next to his hip and leaving mount to a Kimura(It's in the Carlson book). I find it more sucessful to maintain position while pressuring my opponent and to truly commit to an attack off an escape attempt. If your opponent keeps his elbows tight and protects his neck it's hard and becomes a game of who will over commit first. If nothing else a strong mount in position alone is good for striking.