Worst Referee Standups

 Mitrione / Morecraft - standup within 10 seconds of it getting to guard (Mark Matheny - never heard of grappling apparently)

Connor Heun/ Mango Almeida - Standup from misison control/rubber gurad while landing elbows!

Roy Nelson/ Andrei Arlovski - Standup from sidemount

Add more.

Varner - Henderson. Front headlock with knees position Phone Post

Lashley got stood from mount against Griggs, as bad as it gets imo.

Nelson/Arlovski has to be the worst imo.

Hallman/Howard. Howard in mount, reversed by Hallman with 1:30 to go (in a bout where there was nearly equal time standing and grounded). Hallman spends a minute on top, before being stood up with :25 to go in Rd. 3 --- He's KO'd and loses a fight that he had in the bag.

Patrick Cote/Tom Lawlor. Two standups that I wholeheartedly disgreed with. One, mid-flurry from Lawlor who was fully postured.

A Ludwig fight was stood up in the closing moments, where he was losing.. And he got a TKO finish also.....

Gross, when a fight is majorly affected by one man's boredom or need to feel important..... Refs, it's not about YOU!

Calhoon - Nelson/Arlovski has to be the worst imo.

I would say it probably is the worst of all the events that are "big time" but I have seen a guy stood up from back mount with both hooks in at a local show, so dont worry the "small time" refs are pretty bad and we have alot to look forward to if they make their way up.

Melendez VS Aoki......stood up every single time it went to the ground.

Henderson VS Shields......stood up twice the entire fight as shields did nothing but trap Henderson's leg.

My training partner had a triangle locked in during his last fight at wild bills, and they stood that shit up.

Not even kidding. Lol Phone Post

Almost forgot Story/Brenneman.. lol.

When there was nothing going on ....... he lets them lay.

When Story went for ... whatever traingle kimura combo he went for... he stood them up.


Bad standups and super annoying refs last night.

In RINGS Holland events these kind of standups were the norm :-/